About us

Here you will discover the best of both worlds. Here we don’t fit into
the “lick the frosting off a cupcake” type, nor the “eat the cupcake and
leave the frosting” type. Here we believe you can both have your cupcake
and eat it.
We hope that you’ll join us on our journey to culinary utopia. We
understand that everyone has their own tastes and preferences and that
the kitchen is a sacred, magical place. As close to Heaven on earth
without doubt. It’s that passion and love for the kitchen which has
inspired us to create something magical.
We supply all the basic utensils and gadgets to stock your kitchen and
help you create you very own beautifully aromatic foods and bakes.
Everything from from whisks to mixing bowls and garlic crushers. Our
slate serving plates also provide the perfect backdrop to display your
delicious creations.
But, we also know that life goes on – sometimes.  All ideas of being
the perfect goddess in the kitchen go flying out the door when you
receive a reminder for plans you made ages ago and you’re too exhausted
to even lift a spoon nevermind find that recipe of the death by
chocolate cupcake you saved years ago (was it on Facebook? Instagram?
Who posted it and why didn’t I print it?)
This why we decided to also offer a variety of decadent cupcakes and
savouries made to order. Cause we’re all about making life a little
We welcome any ideas or requests and hope you enjoy our page as much as
we do.

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