Easy Microwave Cake in a Mug

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I am definitely not a winter person. The happiest I am in this cold weather is binge watching a new series, curled up in a fluffy blanket, heater on and something warm and sweet to eat. If you’re anything like me or just need a quick sweet fix this

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Cake, Yes Please!

I am positive that I have spent more money on coffee these past few months than my food and wine bill combined. Yes fine, I’m exaggerating, but I’d pass a blind taste test of the whole Nescafe range and ace it! Life of a baker is definitely filled with plenty early mornings – especially when (like me) you’re juggling 2

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Unicorn fever

My plan (which I’ve failed at hugely by the way) was/is to do at least 1 blog post a month.  That gives me 4 weeks to plan, write, prepare drafts, photos … well, it seems 4 weeks are not as long as you may think Buckets of respect to all the bakers out there who manage to find time for

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Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was lucky enough this weekend to spend some time with a long time friend of mine whom I haven’t seen in years.  Wife, Mom, Boss lady and Owner of Lush Studio , she’s a truly remarkable and talented woman and such an inspiration. She did a small photo shoot for me and needless to say I have to hold myself

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Russian Piping Nozzles

Why are they called “Russian” Piping Nozzles?  Well honestly I’m not quite sure. Maybe they were invented by a world class baker in Moscow who grew tired of piping hundreds of single flower petals.  I could probably Google it, but have been way too mesmerized by the thousands of videos and tutorials to actually do the boring homework on the

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Baking Substitutions

I’ve received so many messages from friends asking which ingredients they can use to substitute for another. Most times it’s really just because another trip to the shop is “so much effort”  or when they don’t want to spend the money buying a whole bag or bottle of something they may never use again.  Whatever your reason may be …

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Best Chocolate Biscuits

We are heading into the time of year where everyone starts getting into holiday mode.   Festive Season decorations are up in stores, the days are long and sunny and those lucky enough to get some leave over December have started counting down the days. For me, growing up, this time of the year meant family vacations to my grandparents and

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10 Baking Hacks

We’ve all been there… “Those” days where everything seems to go wrong. No matter how perfectly you plan things out, you get preoccupied and the universe decides to throw an obstacle your way. Well whether you are in a rush, need a quick fix or find yourself missing just one ingredient – these easy hacks will soon get you back

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Cupcakes for (any) one

As a newbie to the “blogger life” I’m still looking for inspiration and ideas wherever I can find it This had me stumbling across a very interesting post from a fellow blogger featuring a recipe that makes only 2 cupcakes! YES, I said TWO! Sceptical I was for sure, because as a single woman who really can’t afford to eat

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Happy Heritage Day!

A bowl of steaming hot Malva Pudding and Custard after a big home cooked Sunday lunch pretty much sums up South African food traditions for me. There are plenty theories as to the origin of the name, but all agree that it is proudly South African in name and taste. To celebrate Heritage Day, and my belief of having Sunday

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