I am very excited about this new, user-friendly addition to my website that will allow you to receive an instant quote estimation for your next bespoke cake! 


There’s nothing that annoys me more than seeing something online and having to enquire for pricing.  Unfortunately, as it is with specialty cakes, it would be impossible to add pricing for each specific request and design.  I will be adding some popular designs with pricing on the page but this way you will be able to create your own unique cake for that next big event.  


Disclaimer: Some of the below are affiliate links, meaning, at no cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase


Before I get into more details, I really do need to give thanks where it’s due because there’s just no way I could have done this all myself.  Heck, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve sat down and finished a cup of coffee without it being interrupted by the kitchen timer. Nevermind build a new website form!




At GetSet2Go they specialise in WordPress multisite networks, DiviCommerce, Web design and hosting, and even logo designs – because they just love what they do and want to help with every aspect of getting your little (or not so little) business up and running.  


Edwin and his team have been an absolute dream to work with.  He immediately understood what I needed, was there to give very valuable advice, and listened to my input. He also explained things to me in a way that us mere mortals can understand. 


Most important to me, and because they realise that not all of us are experts in the field, they won’t just add things in order to make an extra buck if they know it won’t work for your company. 


They put in the hours and the work, and customer service is excellent!  Plus I was lucky enough to work with Edwin who also gets my sense of humour so I felt comfortable from the start. I’ve also gotten a glimpse of their other projects and websites and wish I had known about them when I started this journey. 


I highly HIGHLY recommend them for any web services you require, so if you’ve been pushed to start a new journey by the COVID pandemic, need a fresh look, or just assistance with something small do give them a shout.  You won’t regret it!


How the form works 

You start by selecting your cake, flavours, extra’s, upload a few images, and provide some contact details and done!  You will see the quote as you go and will also get an email sent straight to your inbox. 


Once I’ve received your order and images, I’ll revise the quote, check availability, and send an official update. Do remember that this is an estimate only and I will have a better feel of the cake once I’ve received the images, etc.  You may not need a whole bunch of roses, or 5 macarons, so I’ll check on my side in order to provide the best quote for you!  Click here to try it out.


I’ve also tried to make it as simple as possible so if you do require something that’s not on the list you are more than welcome to add the details to the comment section.  



Why can’t I pay immediately?

Bespoke cakes are all unique in look, size and details required. So there may still be some questions I need to ask in order to quote on your specific requirements. I would also need to check availability first for your date selection. 

Why are the fondant decorations not included?

Each is unique and handmade and the cost of these would be according to time to make and level of detail required.  A simple rose will not cost the same as a detailed animal figurine even though they may be the same size. 

I want a larger cake but don’t see the option

I’ve tried to add only the most popular sizes for now, if you do require something bigger you’re welcome to add the request in the comments or send an email directly to info@elzkitchen.co.za

Extra layers, etc can all be added separately. 


This is also still very new and exciting for me, and I’ll be adjusting and learning as I go.   If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch with me directly. 


Have fun planning your next cake 🙂

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