I know Easter is here when the smell of warm, freshly baked hot cross buns greet me at every shop.  


All good intentions of healthier meal options instantly leave my mind and after half an hour of aimlessly floating through the isles trying to remember what I wrote on my shopping list, which I must add is conveniently still laying on the counter at home, I proceed to the till.  A basket filled with hot cross buns in 3 different flavours (because what normal person can only take the traditional when there are so many new chocolatey options to choose from), five strings of marshmallow eggs, those white Beacon easter eggs I just HAVE to splurge on, five other items that I’m sure I needed (I didn’t), and a bag of tomatoes because #healthy!


Needless to say, I always have hot cross buns leftover and although freezing them is a fantastic idea, I’ve decided to go in search of other ways to lift these delicious treats to another level.  


So if you’re looking for exciting new ways to enjoy hot cross buns, here’s my top three


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Hot Cross Bun French Toast

2 eggs, and ½ cup milk

This is really all you need to make yummy hot cross bun french toast.  Mix together eggs and milk, soak hot cross bun halves in the mixture, fry in butter, and add your toppings. Syrup, cream, chocolate, fresh fruit, ice-cream, the options are endless so add whatever your heart desires!


Photo credit:  Lancewood website


I also found Lancewood’s spruced-up version made with buttermilk and topped with delicious cinnamon mascarpone.  So if you feel like splurging a bit definitely give their Hot cross bun french toast a try.  You won’t be sorry.  The mascarpone is a delicious accompaniment.


Hot Cross bun (bread and butter) pudding

Photo credit:  Great British chefs


A delicious way to enjoy hot cross buns and makes for a great Easter Sunday dessert!


I’ve always loved a bowl of steaming hot pudding and this hot cross bun bread and butter pudding I found on the Great British Chef website ticks all the boxes.  Sweet, warm, creamy, and utterly moreish.  

Don’t be discouraged by the mention of double cream in the recipe, just use normal full fat cream.


Hot Cross bun S’mores

Photo credit:  Kidspot.com


The kids will LOVE these gooey, sticky, sweet treats!


What you’ll need:

Nutella or any chocolate spread (not needed, but trust me it’s worth it)


Hot Cross Buns

Cut each hot cross bun in half and spread the cut side with Nutella. Line bottom halves on a baking tray and top with four marshmallows each. Place under the grill in the oven until marshmallows are melted (keep an eye on these, it happens quickly). Remove from oven and place the top halves onto each bottom and done!  Simple and will satisfy any sweet craving. 

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