Heritage day is the celebration of our South African culture.  Our History, expressions, language, and food.  

Many South Africans (including myself) recognises the 24th of September as Braai Day because there’s absolutely nothing that unites a group of people more than an open fire, the smell of chops and boerewors in the air, and a beer in hand. 

Needless to say, it would be terribly unpatriotic of me to dedicate this week’s post to anything else. 

I’ve put together a selection of some of my favourite and uniquely South African foods to go with your Heritage Day braai. 

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If the men in your household are anything like the ones I know the words “Die vuur is amper reg”  will definitely ring true.  Piling wood on the fire while drinks and conversations are flowing till way into the day with the moms making hotdogs for the kids to carry them over until the food is (finally) ready.  

So to keep the hunger pains at bay, grab a bag of sliced biltong from your butcher (we support local!) and have everyone snack on that till the food is ready. 

Garlic Cheddar Bacon Beer Bread

Photo credit:  All4Women / Yummly

What a mouthful

Warm, slathered with butter, this is the perfect accompaniment to braaivleis.  

I have friends from Pretoria who may disagree and say that pap en sous is better, and I’ll admit, I have been known to eat bowls of it at their place but it doesn’t beat a thick slice of freshly baked bread. 

I found a very easy one-bowl recipe that works like a dream and you can omit the garlic powder if you want.  You also don’t have to use Castle Lite – any beer will do.  


Click here for the recipe

Or if you want to take the easier route, CAB foods have an amazing Beer and Onion premix where all you need to add is your beer and cheese. I’m in no way getting paid to advertise for them, but if I find a great product I feel it would be a sin not to share with the world. 

Malva Pudding

Photo credit:  I Love Cooking

This spongy, sticky, sweet proudly South African pudding is the perfect end to any celebration.  

It is also my all-time FAVOURITE dessert, so if you want to treat me, just give me a big bowl of steamy Malva Pudding and Custard any day of the year. 

Basically you bake the pudding first and once it’s done you absolutely drench it in the sauce.  Your family will love you! Serve with ice-cream or custard, the choice is yours.

Get the recipe here

I hope you will all have a lovely and positive Heritage Day, whether you’re at home or spending it with friends and family, and that this post has inspired you to try something new.   


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