Why are they called “Russian” Piping Nozzles?  Well honestly I’m not quite sure. Maybe they were invented by a world class baker in Moscow who grew tired of piping hundreds of single flower petals.  I could probably Google it, but have been way too mesmerized by the thousands of videos and tutorials to actually do the boring homework on the name and origin.

I received a set of these nifty Russian Piping Nozzles from my sister as an early Christmas gift and this morning I decided to give these a try myself (proudly fresh as a daisy and hangover free on this New Years day)

Armed with a fresh batch of vanilla buttercream, colour gels, nozzles and a few defrosted cupcakes I was ready.  Yes, you noticed I said defrosted.  Everyone has their own dark secret and mine is hiding cupcakes in the freezer for when the craving hits.  Pure brilliance.

First step is to divide the buttercream into bowls and mix to any colours you desire (I decided on a mix of yellow and orange & also pink).  Using colour gel is best because it least affects the consistency of the icing.  Next, use a knife and coat the cupcakes with a layer of frosting.  This doesn’t have to look pretty as it is purely for the flowers to stick and to make your life a whole lot easier.   I would suggest using the colour you are planning to use for the flowers as a base if you are worried about the white showing, but I went straight ahead and used some of the plain icing as I planned on covering every inch of the cupcakes.

Next insert your selected nozzle in the piping bag and fill with buttercream and you’re good to go!

You have to place and hold the nozzle down on the cupcake to stick, squeezing a little and then pull up and away while gently squeezing the icing.  My first few I pulled a bit too high but I quickly got the hang of them.  If you’re not sure I’d suggest doing a tester or two on a sheet of baking paper, but again I’m too impatient for that.  Place each flower close together to get as many as you can on and to cover the base completely.  I added some small green leaves in between to bring the bouquet together and I must say I was suitably impressed with the results.  As you can see using a mixture of the two colours is definitely more natural and eye-catching.

A lot of these tutorials I saw started by explaining how difficult and tricky they can be to use, but really if you have the correct icing and consistency these are a breeze! Makes fancy flower decorations really fast and ANYONE can do it.  You don’t have to be a baker or have tons of experience to create some beautifully decorated cupcakes at home.

For a quick tutorial you can visit Value Baking Supplies page and the nozzles can be purchased as singles or sets at most baking shops.  They also sell cake mixes to save you some time.

I hope you have lots of fun trying these and please don’t be shy to leave a comment to let me know about your experience with these nozzles.