My plan (which I’ve failed at hugely by the way) was/is to do at least 1 blog post a month.  That gives me 4 weeks to plan, write, prepare drafts, photos … well, it seems 4 weeks are not as long as you may think

Buckets of respect to all the bakers out there who manage to find time for baking, blogging, video tutorials and more.  Especially those who (like me) still have full time jobs until they are finally able to make a career doing what they love.

No matter how hard I try to break my weekly to-do list into smaller parts, there’s always more.  But this is me being focused and I’ve decided to share with you what’s been keeping me busy

UNICORNS.  In every shape and size.  They truly seem to be magical when you see the children’s eyes light up and the excitement at the mere sight of them and I was not surprised at all when I discovered this fabled creature is also the national animal of Scotland. You guys rock!

My very first cake request was for a Unicorn cake so they do hold a very special place in my heart

Here are just a few of my creations and if you want to follow my baking journey you can also have a look at my Instagram and Facebook profiles (links at the top of the page)

Unicorn cupcakes

Super cute, right?!

I also adapt the frosting to blend in with the colour scheme of your party

Now we get to the Cakes, these were so much fun! Double layer, tiered and swirl cakes.

2 Tier Vanilla Unicorn cake

Double layer rose swirl Unicorn cake

and my very first 3 Layer Vanilla Unicorn cake

The vanilla cake I use is absolutely delicious and if you are looking for your own recipe or want to see a quick tutorial, please visit Intensive Cake Unit’s website for some creative ideas and recipes.  She is an amazing person and has some very interesting boozy cake ideas too – no need to guess how I stumbled onto her profile.

I hope you’ve been magically inspired and please don’t hesitate to contact me for not just unicorns but any themed cakes.

Happy Baking!